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David and Irene

This is an attempt to put some sort of order into my life so far. I have had the privilege to live and work in many different parts of the world and before I loose track of all of the wonderful things I’ve seen and done, I wanted to get it all down in one place. So here it is...

Apart from a good number of pictures, I have included a few pages about some of the other things that interest me – my favourite walks, my car, the work I do and of course my wife who inspires me to stay young at heart.

It has taken me several decades to do all this stuff, so no doubt it will take at least twice that time to catalogue everything, so bear in mind that this is a work in process and if pages don’t lead anywhere it is because they are not done yet, or more likely, I am still struggling with the technology to make this all happen. 

I don’t like doing things out of a package, so I am trying to do this all from scratch. I doubt if DreamWeaver was meant to be used quite like this, and there are doubtless more efficient ways of doing things, but like everything in life, you have to give it a go and see where it leads you.

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